PLUS Coffee

Great products deserve great designs!
Key objective was to give PLUS Coffee range strong stand-out in shelf and to give each segment the right, distinctive product values. The quality of the products had to be beyond doubt and the navigation straightforward and clear.

We developed a design system that has flexibilty to go deep into product values, but also has strong recognition over all different segments; the carrier for PLUS logo and text, completed by an intriguing productshot ensures stand-out and focus. Over the various segments it serves as a visual linking-pin that resonates in shelves, creating a stronger overall impact. PLUS at the time being the only dutch retailer having a productrange that was 100% Fairtrade, a prominent place on the facing was reserved for this logo on all packs. Dedication was also spent on the execution, organizing pre-press meetings with suppliers and reprohouse, ensuring details to come out right.

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